SoulCollage® Readings
A SoulCollage® reading is an intuitive reading that
incorporates wisdom from your soul along with insightful
messages from the over 200 0racle cards that I have created
over the last 8 years using the
SoulCollage® process.

This is a deeply personal and insightful reading that is a
collaboration from your soul and the SoulCollage® cards that
helps to deepen your understanding with the relationships
between your personality parts, you and your
family/community/world,  you and your dreams, symbols,
and Spirit.

The SoulCollage® reading process takes between 20 to 40
minutes, which is done via telephone and e-mail (card images
and descriptions will be e-mailed to you so you can retain that
information). You can also choose to have a digital image from
your SoulCollage® reading personally created for you to
remind you of your Soul's message.
Samples of Digital Collages