Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® is a spiritual healing
modality that uses both past life regression and higher self
communication to get in touch with your soul in order to heal
and learn from it. This technique helps you to gain insight and
guidance from your own inner wisdom.
For more information about QHHT please visit the official QHHT
website and also watch these informational videos.
I am listed as a "Practitioner I" on the QHHT website and
received my
graduation certificate through the Quantum Healing
Hypnosis Academy in May of 2016.
I am also an
ordained reverend through the International
Metaphysical Ministry and
University of Sedona.
To book a session with me or to speak to me about the
process of a QHHT or spiritual counseling session, please contact
me by e-mail at:
(If needed, I will work on a sliding scale
fee and also do barters/trades so that this
amazing spiritual work can be afforded by all.)
My current charges for a QHHT session is $150 (for a
2.5 to 4 hour session) and a personal spiritual
counseling session in person or by phone is $44/hour.