Galactic Gypsy Glass is creations made with Moretti glass and properly kiln annealed for
durability and strength. Galactic Gypsy Art Etsy Shop has unique hand-blown and
lampwork glass creations in the form of beautiful vessels and other jewelry creations
that come ready to wear.  

Lampworking is the process of melting glass in a flame while working on a mandrel/stick
while the glass is melting in order to shape and design the glass while it is molten. The
torch temperatures range from 1,500 degrees on up and each creation is kiln annealed at
960 degrees and then brought to room temperature in a 10 hour ramping down process
to ensure durability. The term "lampworking" came from the process of melting glass
over oil lamps over 200o years ago. It has nothing to do with making lamps, but the term
stuck and is still called lampworking to this day.

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